Mobile Mini Ambient Pump System (MMAPS)

We have developed a mobile mini ambient pump system (MMAPS). The key design features are as follows:

  • Application – Suitable for applications of high pressure nitrogen testing, ranging between bottle gas and large liquid nitrogen units
  • Technical – Pump maximum pressure 12,500 PSI, with maximum rate 150 SCFM
  • Low Power – Electric power requirements (15 KW, 3 phase, 400-430 V)
  • ATEX  Compliant – For offshore applications
  • Efficient – Nitrogen vaporisation from ambient air, at no cost
  • Transportable – The unit is one module and comes in a DNV 27-1 approved ISO frame. It is transportable in a normal ISO container for secure global transport
  • Versatile – The unit can be connected to any type of liquid nitrogen tank
  • Safe – The unit is specifically designed for Division II operation

If you would like any further information on this system, please contact us using the details provided here.